Catching and storing rainwater has been a system implemented for thousands of years for survival, as water is one of the basic resources we as humans need to survive. How can we ‘catch the rain’ and use it to benefit us in this day and age? Both will be the source of the topics in today’s discussion.

Well first of all, you’ll need something to hold all the water in that you plan on catching, such as a water well, cistern, or a barrel of sorts. Then you’re going to need a drainage system of sorts. This will allow and rain to be diverted from the roof of your home to the select place where you will be storing your rainwater for use. However, caution is needed, because disease, although rare, has been known to lurk in this water if left still for a period of time. But on the other hand, as time goes on, bacteria and such will die over time, which will actually purify the water naturally for your use. One advantage of using rainwater for yourself is that it can cut down on the amount of water that you actually use from your water company, cutting down on expenses.

On the downside though, it does take a while for rainwater to accumulate in your barrel, cistern, or catcher. Rain is unpredictable, and may not come fall enough during a period of time for you to supplement your water supply with. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to use natures natural sources for your benefit.

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