Hiring Prime Choice Home Inspections comes with a commitment to provide you the most thorough inspection you’ll find anywhere. Using the latest tools and technology combined with our extensive knowledge in home systems, we perform a visual inspection of the exterior, roof, structure, electrical, cooling, heating, insulation & ventilation, plumbing, interior rooms (garage, kitchen, appliances, windows, walls, ceiling, lighting) and the site around your home. Our goal is to ensure your home is mechanically & structurally sound & safe.

You are encouraged to attend your inspection so we can describe the process, explain findings, point out important maintenance items, and answer all your questions.

Following the inspection, I compile my findings in an easy-to-read report, which includes detailed descriptions and high-resolution digital photos of any defects I have found. You receive your report by email within 24 hours or less, and I work with you and your agent to make sure everything is understood.


Most of your home inspection report will be information on the condition of components within your home that are in need of maintenance, life expectancies, and notes on minor imperfections. However, the things that really matter fall into the following four categories:

– Major Concerns, such as a structural problems

– Problems leading to major defects, such as a small roof leak left untreated

– Issues that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home (asbestos, lead, etc.)

– Safety hazards (gas leak, electrical issue, etc.)

Anything within these four categories will be addressed. Often times,  serious problems can be fixed inexpensively to protect your family and your property. No home is perfect. We are here to help you keep things in perspective: You don’t have to miss out on your dream home over minor things that are easily fixable.

You’ll receive a complete evaluation from foundation to roof, inside and out. On the inside, we will inspect the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and electrical systems, framing, windows, and built-in kitchen appliances. On the outside, we will inspect the roof, chimneys, gutters, foundation, retaining walls, decks and patios. Our Cobb County & Smyrna GA Home Inspections are held to the highest standards. We adhere to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and will inspect the following items, when visible and safely accessible:

  • Siding: Look for dents or buckling.
  • Foundations: Look for cracks or water seepage.
  • Exterior Brick: Look for cracked bricks or mortar pulling away from bricks.
  • Insulation: Look for condition, adequate rating for climate (the higher the “R” value, the more effective the insulation is.)
  • Doors and Windows: Look for loose or tight fits, condition of locks, and condition of weather stripping.
  • Roof: Look for age, condition of flashing, pooling water, buckled shingles, or loose gutters and downspouts.
  • Ceilings, walls and moldings: Look for loose pieces and drywall separation.
  • Porch/Deck: Loose railings or step rot.
  • Electrical: Look for condition of fuse box/circuit breakers, number of outlets in each room.
  • Plumbing: Look for poor water pressure, banging pipes, rust pots or corrosion that indicate leaks, insufficient insulation.
  • Water heater: Look for age, size adequate for the house, speed of recovery, energy rating.
  • Furnace/Air Conditioning: Look for age & energy rating. Furnaces are rated by annual fuel utilization efficiency; the higher the rating, the lower your fuel costs.
  • Garage: Look for exterior in good repair and condition of floors – cracks, stains etc.; condition of door mechanism.
  • Basement: Look for water leakage, musty smell.
  • Attic: Look for adequate ventilation & insulation, water leaks from roof.
  • Driveway/Sidewalk: Look for cracks, heaving pavement, crumbling near edges, and stains.
  • Septic Tanks (if applicable): Adequate absorption field capacity for the percolation rate in the specific municipality and the size of your family.


Planning to sell your home? Let us inspect it before you list it. Our Pre-Listing Inspection alerts you to defects or problems so you can address them before prospective buyers discover them.

Take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates, avoid 11th-hour delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home for sale inspected now.


Many insurance companies now require a 4-point Inspection on older homes before they will issue a policy. We provide a report detailing the condition and age of these items:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Roof


Are you having a new home built? Don’t rely on the builder and the local code enforcer to look after your best interests. Hire us to make sure your new home is built to the level you paid for and corners were not cut.

We can inspect your home during construction at certain intervals, at the end of construction before you sign the dotted line, or a combination of both.


After a new home is built, most builders provide a 12-month warranty. Before this warranty expires, be sure to contact us to thoroughly inspect your home for issues.

After your inspection is completed, we provide you with a professional inspection report that outlines all of the deficiencies for the builder to fix before the end of your warranty period.


The roof is one of the most important parts of any home – and your first defense against the elements. What is the condition of your roof though?

Don’t leave things to chance – contact us for a professional inspection of your roof and get your roof certification.


According to the EPA, radon gas kills more people than house fires and drunk drivers – combined! Radon can only be detected with professional equipment and methods though, as it is colorless and odorless.

We provide professional radon testing in the Greater Cobb County Area.

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