Do you ever worry about the safety of your home? There are many things to consider that could prove a threat to your health and your family if left alone, so catching issues early is important. Taking a look around your home with critical eyes can help you spot issues that could prove to be a hazard for someone that isn’t paying attention.

Just a walk up a flight of stairs can be dangerous. If you really pay attention, you might notice that the carpet on the stair is coming loose, posing a trip hazard. Or, maybe the railing has a lot of splinters in it that could cause someone to flinch back and fall if they were using it for support.

What about your floors? Are they uneven? Do you have carpets that slip easily? Getting a non-slip backing for the carpet could fix that problem.

One of the most dangerous places in a home is the bathroom. Check to make sure that you minimize the slip risk when there are wet surfaces in there.

There are many more things that you should check out, so take a walk around your home and see how safe it truly is.

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