Having a sunny, open room concept is a wonderful thing – and is very common in most homes nowadays. Many of us enjoy the look and feel of the sun shining in our home. But there are a few things to consider.

First of all, windows can allow sunlight in – but that also means warmth. That is great on a cold winter day – but not so much on a hot summer day. During the cooling season, this can tax our cooling system trying to keep our homes cool while the sun continually heats it up. Try to draw the curtains on hotter days so as to keep your cooling bills down.

Then there are things like hardwood floors and carpeting. Both hardwoods and carpeting often change color when exposed to regular UV rays. This is understandable, as they are typically indoor products. in addition to drawing the shades, as we mentioned before, try moving the furniture and other items around in the room every so often – as this will help the floors to “fade evenly” and not leave dramatic differences in certain areas.

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