Do you have copper piping in your home? Then welcome to the club. Copper piping has been a staple of the plumbing industry for many decades.

Copper piping was found to be superior to galvanized piping, and was relatively easy to install. In fact, for a time period copper piping was so popular that it was even used as drain material, and can still be found in many homes today (unless it has already been stolen).

Copper piping does have its draw backs. For one, on older homes the solder used was usually lead. Which means some of it could leach into the water. Most of the time it does not come out in large amounts, but it is still good to run the water a little while before drinking the water or cooking with it.

Another draw back is its resistance to temperature. Copper teds to “move” when exposed to temperature differentials and can start to leak over time. It also transfers the water temperature (whether hot or cold) away from the water – making water that sits in pipes room temperature when it sits for a time.

Either way, copper piping is still a staple of the building industry. And even though we now have PEX, I don’t think copper piping is going anywhere anytime soon.

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