Tankless water heaters are now drawing attention and often because of the downfalls that come with regular tanks.

With a tankless water heater, it will remain idle when no hot water is being used. Whenever it is needed, it will draw cold water and an electric heating element will kick into action; some models will use a gas-fired burner to then heat the internal heat exchanger.

As soon as the cold water passes this exchanger, it will be warmed to the chosen temperature. Therefore, it will be at the desired temperature before it exits the faucet. Essentially, this means that the middleman (the tank) is cut out because it travels to the appliance or faucet directly. When the gas-fired units produce combustion gases, these are exhausted through an installed sealed vent pipe.

As soon as the appliance or tap is shut off, the water heater is no longer needed so shuts down. As you can see, this will increase the efficiency of your home in terms of energy because there isn’t a large tank that needs to be maintained. Per day, the average household is said to use 40 gallons of water according to the US Department of Energy. By using a tankless water heater, this same household is estimated to save a third in energy each day.

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